Monday, October 3, 2011

1/3 of the Way Through

Ever since I wrote my last post about dieting, I have received so many encouraging words. Thank you! Thank you! The very first morning, I wanted to have a glass of orange juice with the boys, and I didn't -- only because I had posted it on the blog. I almost deleted the post multiple times before hitting "publish". I was embarrassed. But I knew I had to do it. I knew I needed the accountability. Thank you, thank you!

So I'm on day 6 of the 17 day diet -- phase 1. (This diet has several phases, all 17 days.) This is called the "accelerate phase" and it is hard. Basically I can eat all the chicken and lean fish that I want to. Unfortunately, I don't like lean fish -- I like shellfish. So I'm eating chicken and salads for dinner most nights. Some nights my plate is just filled with lots of asparagus. (I do love asparagus.) It isn't easy. The first three days I was making a LONG list of the things I was going to eat on Day 18. BW3s, Macayos, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and soda, soda, soda. Days 4 and 5 got easier. I feel stronger. I'm not craving those foods. I'm not craving fast food. I'm craving a more normal diet. I'm craving a weight watchers type diet where I can eat in moderation, but have more variety than chicken, veggies, and water to drink. I think this is a great thing.

I have a long, long way to go, but I'm doing really well on this phase. I think once I get past the first 17 days, I'll be good to go and continue losing the weight at a normal (not accelerated pace). So far, I've lost 4 pounds in 6 days.

Have I cheated? Yep. On Day 3, I had a little bag of fruit snacks after hearing how stressed Adam was about a project with issues here while he was in New York. Without thinking, I just grabbed the 80 calorie bag and ate them standing up in the kitchen. I felt awful. Later that night I met one of Adam's colleagues at Dairy Queen to pick up some things from him. I pulled out of Dairy Queen, drove 1/4 mile, then turned around and went right back into the Dairy Queen drive-thru. (Rob, stop laughing!) On Saturday, I had 6 ounces of Dr. Pepper.

So I've cheated, and I felt guilty. I was thinking "Well I guess I didn't have the will power after all." I was thinking negatively, when I should have been thinking positively. I slipped up, but it didn't set me back an entire night. I just went right back on my diet. And I may have said yes to soda one time, but I have had to deny it on multiple occasions when clients and co-workers have offered to get me one. I walked down to the coffee shop with a friend, and she kept saying, "Come on Sabrina, I'll buy you a soda." Everyone knows I love soda. I hadn't told her I was on the diet yet. She kept asking, but I kept refusing. In the end, she chose to get herself water instead too. I am becoming stronger. It isn't about the number on the scale, it is about moderation. Stop drinking all the soda. Stop eating fast food for lunch and dinner. This first phase is tough and definitely not intended to last much longer than 17 days. But it makes you strong. It's totally worth it. I need this.

I'll report back in another 6 days. I promise this blog won't turn into "All about Sabrina's Diet" -- just the first 17 day part. :-)

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