Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Calvin's Thanksgiving Turkey
We had a great Thanksgiving! This year was special for several reasons. Normally, we travel somewhere north of Phoenix over the Thanksgiving holiday. It is usually our favorite time of the year, but this year we were traveling over Christmas instead. This Thanksgiving was special because we got to stay home and spend it with Adam's family -- something we haven't done in years. And to make it extra special, we hadn't spent much time at all with them in several years and this new beginning created happiness and THANKFULNESS from everyone. 
Adam's parents and his aunt and uncle came over for Thanksgiving lunch. Other than a couple of things I made, they brought the entire dinner to us. It was delicious! We left the patio door wide open to let the fresh air and beauty of the day inside. And people -- this was so special, I purchased a table cloth. It may not have fit on the table exactly, but I purchased a tablecloth -- nothing was going to ruin this dinner. 

After dinner, Adam decided it was time to teach the boys how to drive the golf cart. So they both took turns driving on the golf course (because honestly, what else is there to do on a golf course?). Their grandparents were brave enough to ride. The boys are growing up way too fast. 


In the evening, we went to the movies. And not just any movie theater, we went to iPic with the huge recliners, pillows, blankets, and pure comfyness. Adam and I had a few problems with this situation though: (1) We ate turkey for lunch; (2) turkey makes you sleepy; (3) we were basically lying in a bed to watch . . . . a kids' movie. All this equals -- prying our eyes open to stay awake. I am pretty sure I managed to see the entire movie, and I am also pretty sure I caught Adam snorting one or two times. After the movie, I asked the old people, er kids' grandparents, if they fell asleep too. With confused looks as if I asked a silly question, they answered 'No'. Oh yeah, um, us either. 

This is how Wes fell asleep Thanksgiving night. No joke.
It was a GREAT Thanksgiving. The timing was perfect. I can't promise we won't travel again next year, but maybe we'll take a few people along with us.

Wes' class put on a Thanksgiving play.

Playing fuseball with cousins the day after Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fall 2013

We had a great fall! Below are some pictures with descriptions of what we did:

The boys got to sit in a helicopter when they went with Adam to pick up some gear for a shoot.
We've went on a few hikes this fall. Normally Alemitu will say, "We are never going to make it, Guys!" Then, at the end, not only did we make it, she gives us a trophy or a medal.
Calvin went to a friend's birthday party at a rock climbing place. Calvin does great in individual sports, and so it wasn't surprising that he was the first kid to make it to the top. What I love about Calvin is that instead of doing something easy for him over and over, he immediately moved on to a really difficult climb. After trying and failing for quite some time, the guide told him to take break so someone else could have a turn. A few minutes later, after completing another easy one, Calvin got right back in line at that hard one. He loves a challenge!

Adam celebrated his 34th birthday. He wanted to go to Dennys so he could spell out his age in bacon. (Tribute to his favorite TV Show 'Breaking Bad'.

My parents came into town, and we were able to celebrate my mom's birthday.
We played some miniature golf and had a great time. This was Alemitu's first time to play, and she loved it! She would normally hit it a few times, and then go put it in the hole with her hand. "Yay! She wins!" This place is really close to our house (Adam grew up playing here), and so we want to make sure we go more often.

One of Alemitu's favorite things to do is help her dad in the garage. She will tinker around with his stuff, and then she finds her own things to "fix". But mostly, she just rides her tricycle in the driveway and never stops talking.

Adam painted the boys' old bikes, and customized them so they were more like BMX bikes. There were some free wheel issues, but this was a test to see how they would do with real BMX bikes. They boys loved their "new" bikes. Wes learned the word "customize", and we haven't stopped hearing about his "customized bike" or his "customized lego guys" etc. He loves the idea that no one in the world could have one exactly like it.

The boys getting ready to ride their bikes down the street for a birthday sleepover with their friend, Sullivan. Even though this wasn't their first sleepover before, I just felt like they were growing up before my very eyes as they rode away down the street.

I tried giving the dog a haircut. I failed. Miserably. Adam made me take her to a professional groomer the next day rather than let her grow it back out (or put a T-shirt on her like I tried to do originally). Speaking of haircuts, I also quit doing hair this fall. My focus is on Adam's business, and so I need to take a break from doing hair right now. It was a hard thing to give up, but I know it was the right decision.
Our church, CCV Scottsdale campus, celebrated its first year
My dad and I let Adam and my mom win. I mean, it was my mom's birthday after all. It was the nice thing to do.
We have had LOTS of playdates with friends. There was one week in the fall that we had a playdate 4 out of 5 days of the week. The kids have loved staying in touch with old friends, and playing with new friends as well.
Tricycle riding girl - even in her pajamas.
Relaxing at the park.
The kids were pretty popular the week that we brought the stomp rocket. We go to this beautiful park with friends every single week, and the kids haven't gotten bored yet.

She asked me to take this picture.
Alemitu got to hang out with my good friend Bridget, and her daughter Faith (Alemitu's good friend). Bridget text me this picture of Alemitu getting her make-up done at Sephora. Alemitu was in heaven.
At the end of summer, Adam's grandparents came out for a visit. The kids love playing with them.
Alemitu making great-grandpa go to bed.

Great Grandma wanted a granddaughter for so, so long.
Another playdate with friend, Hunter.