Monday, May 24, 2010

House Full of Injuries

We have had a house full of injuries this weekend! On Thursday, I slipped and fell down the stairs. Other than some bruising, bumps, and jammed toes -- no serious injuries. Whew!

On Saturday, the boys were playing freeze tag with my mom (visiting for the weekend), and Cal got poked in the eye. He wouldn't open his eyes for 5 hours! Finally, he opened them only to show a bright red eye! My mom felt horrible, but we kept reassuring her that they were little boys and it was all part of the package.

That "package" continued onto Sunday. The boys were playing at our neighborhood park, and Wes fell off the curly slide (towards the bottom). He complained of his arm hurting most of the day, and he favored it. It wasn't until he was getting ready for bed that we realized something was wrong. He could bend or straighten it without crying hard. So we went to the doctor at 10 p.m. They don't think there is a fracture, but they are having a radiologist look at the films. The tech thought she saw something, but the doctor said he didn't. So until we hear back from the radiologist, Wes is in a soft cast and a sling. He was pretty excited about having a big, green arm, and even more excited about seeing his skeleton bones on the x-ray. While most of the time, he doesn't act like he is in pain, last night was pretty rough. He kept waking up and crying from the pain.

When Wes wasn't waking up and crying, Cal was. We had let Cal sleep on the floor in our room since Wes was in our bed. Sometime during the night, Cal was bit or stung by something. He started waking up and crying about his foot. He now has a swollen foot that is hot to touch, and we can see a very large bite mark on part of his foot. So, in 20 more minutes, we will head to the doctor again because the triage nurse thinks he has an infection!

Hopefully, we are done with injuries for a while. I am also hoping that Wes' arm isn't fractured because swimming season has begun!

School's Out

The boys have graduated from pre-school! Here are some pictures . . .

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Foster Care Update

It has been a while since we have updated this site about our foster care licensing, so we thought we would give you an update. Right now, we are attending weekly foster care/parenting classes that will end on June 10th. These classes help prepare us for all sorts of situations we may encounter.

In addition to the classes, we have completed our paperwork, physicals, finger printing, background checks, CPR training, etc. We have met with our agency social worker on two occasions, and she wants to meet with us again (individually) before she finishes our home study.

Besides finishing classes, the next big step is our home inspection. Our agency is now ready to schedule this with DES, but we need a pool fence before this takes place. We can't even go on the waiting list until the fence is already installed. Thanks to us owning Derby (our English Bulldog), we got a great quote for the fence (by Bulldog Fencing) that is pretty much the same cost of us installing it ourselves! We were pleasantly surprised as we thought it would be some grueling weekends of digging holes, mitering, and all the other hassles of putting an iron fence around an oval pool. We are hoping to have the fence up in June, and so we can schedule the inspection after that.

Once the inspection takes place, and the home study is written, we are off to court. If our inspection happens in June, then I'm hoping to have our license in August or September.

And to answer the biggest question -- when will we get the children? Sorry, but we have no clue. Some people get placements the day that their license is issued. Other people (way out of the city) have to wait a year. We are opening our home to one or two children under the age of 3. These ages will not hinder us, but our zip code will. They like to place children in the same zip code of where they live, or at least one very close. We don't live right in Phoenix, and so that will be our only hinderance -- and we just don't know how big of a hinderance it will be.

Here is the process: When a child is put into the state's custody, an e-mail notification goes out to all of the agencies. If the child is in the west valley, and meets our criteria, our agency will call us and ask if we would accept this child into our home. After we say yes, our name is provided to DES/CPS. The state's caseworker then looks at all of the available families and places the child in the most appropriate home. The first criteria is the zip code. We will get calls often, but that doesn't mean our name will be picked. The good news is that we have plenty of space; I am practically a stay at home mom; and we are willing to provide transportation for these children (most foster families ask the state to do this). So we have a lot of good things working for us.

I am not a patient person, nor do I like uncertainty. However, ever since we have started the adoption and now foster care plans, I have felt at peace. I know that the right child(ren) will be placed in our home at the right time. Until then, we keep living our lives and we aren't worried about when, who, how, etc.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wes Scored A Goal!!!

The past few months, the boys have really enjoyed playing soccer. They aren't too concerned with scoring goals or getting the ball -- they just like to run around with everyone. However, during Wednesday's game, Adam talked to them about how they are allowed to "race" in soccer. A light went on, and both boys became much more aggressive. There were a few times that we thought Wes or Cal would score a goal, and the entire team of soccer parents were cheering so loudly for them. Before they would only kick the ball a little, but on Wednesday, they were taking it all the way down the field. We knew we were getting close.

During today's game, Wes scored his first goal!! We are so proud of him!! It was bittersweet though because during the moment that he scored his goal, Adam and I were with Calvin dealing with a hurt knee -- so we missed the goal. Thank goodness that Grandpa had his video camera on, and we got to watch the big moment. I've posted it here, so check it out!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I can't believe this is my 5th Mother's Day! We had a wonderful weekend! I wanted to do something special for my sister this year since she is pregnant with her first baby. So we went out to the Cheesecake Factory for appetizers and desserts. It was SO good!!

On Sunday, my day started off with breakfast in bed, and it ended with the Phoenix Suns sweeping the Spurs in the semi-finals!! Watch out Lakers!

my pancakes

The boys drew a few pictures for me this weekend as well. At school, Cal drew a picture of me, and Wes drew a picture of Cal. :-) When Adam asked them what they wanted to get me for Mother's Day, they both said they wanted to draw me a picture of Mario and Luigi. Adam told them how to write "Happy Momma's Day" on the picture. It was special.

Also at school, they were asked a few questions, and I've posted them below:

My mom is 6 years old.
My mom is the prettiest when she puts on pretty stuff.
My mom likes to make big roni (shells & cheese macaroni)
My mom always says, "I love you"
My mom is fun when she . . she isn't funny.

My mom is 30 years old.
My mom is the prettiest when she wears special clothes.
My mom likes to make big roni.
My mom always says "don't say stupid"
My mom is funny when she tells me funny things.


The boys started playing soccer this spring, and it has been so much fun to watch them! Wes was just nicknamed "Iron Wall" because of some shot blocking he did at the last game. The boys haven't scored a goal yet, but they just love running up and down the field. I've posted some pictures for you to enjoy.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who am I?

Even though we had an ultrasound every other week throughout the pregnancy, the doctors did not know if the boys were identical or fraternal until they were born. However, it was pretty obvious from the beginning, and definitely obvious now, that the boys are far from being identical.

For instance -- Cal has thick, brown hair. He has blue eyes and an oval face. Wes has thin, blonde hair. He has brown eyes and a round face. Cal is light skinned and Wes is darker skinned. Everything about their build and looks is pretty much the opposite of each other. Their weight is a difference of about 6 pounds, and we never dress them alike.

There is still one problem though -- the two people that matter, Wes and Cal, can't tell each other apart. When we look at photographs, they always have to guess about who is who - and normally they are wrong. I just made a video detailing our events when my family was in town for Easter. Throughout the video, Wes kept asking "Is that me?" No, it was Cal. In the next shot, Cal appears again but wearing a different shirt. Wes, with confidence, announced that was himself. Wrong again. This happened all throughout the video, as it usually does when we look at photographs.

I'm not really sure how this has happened. We have plenty of mirrors in the house, and they are so particular about how their hair is cut. They help decide on their style and look. So why on earth can they not tell each other apart? It just cracks us up!