Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who am I?

Even though we had an ultrasound every other week throughout the pregnancy, the doctors did not know if the boys were identical or fraternal until they were born. However, it was pretty obvious from the beginning, and definitely obvious now, that the boys are far from being identical.

For instance -- Cal has thick, brown hair. He has blue eyes and an oval face. Wes has thin, blonde hair. He has brown eyes and a round face. Cal is light skinned and Wes is darker skinned. Everything about their build and looks is pretty much the opposite of each other. Their weight is a difference of about 6 pounds, and we never dress them alike.

There is still one problem though -- the two people that matter, Wes and Cal, can't tell each other apart. When we look at photographs, they always have to guess about who is who - and normally they are wrong. I just made a video detailing our events when my family was in town for Easter. Throughout the video, Wes kept asking "Is that me?" No, it was Cal. In the next shot, Cal appears again but wearing a different shirt. Wes, with confidence, announced that was himself. Wrong again. This happened all throughout the video, as it usually does when we look at photographs.

I'm not really sure how this has happened. We have plenty of mirrors in the house, and they are so particular about how their hair is cut. They help decide on their style and look. So why on earth can they not tell each other apart? It just cracks us up!

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