Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Calvin's Thanksgiving Turkey
We had a great Thanksgiving! This year was special for several reasons. Normally, we travel somewhere north of Phoenix over the Thanksgiving holiday. It is usually our favorite time of the year, but this year we were traveling over Christmas instead. This Thanksgiving was special because we got to stay home and spend it with Adam's family -- something we haven't done in years. And to make it extra special, we hadn't spent much time at all with them in several years and this new beginning created happiness and THANKFULNESS from everyone. 
Adam's parents and his aunt and uncle came over for Thanksgiving lunch. Other than a couple of things I made, they brought the entire dinner to us. It was delicious! We left the patio door wide open to let the fresh air and beauty of the day inside. And people -- this was so special, I purchased a table cloth. It may not have fit on the table exactly, but I purchased a tablecloth -- nothing was going to ruin this dinner. 

After dinner, Adam decided it was time to teach the boys how to drive the golf cart. So they both took turns driving on the golf course (because honestly, what else is there to do on a golf course?). Their grandparents were brave enough to ride. The boys are growing up way too fast. 


In the evening, we went to the movies. And not just any movie theater, we went to iPic with the huge recliners, pillows, blankets, and pure comfyness. Adam and I had a few problems with this situation though: (1) We ate turkey for lunch; (2) turkey makes you sleepy; (3) we were basically lying in a bed to watch . . . . a kids' movie. All this equals -- prying our eyes open to stay awake. I am pretty sure I managed to see the entire movie, and I am also pretty sure I caught Adam snorting one or two times. After the movie, I asked the old people, er kids' grandparents, if they fell asleep too. With confused looks as if I asked a silly question, they answered 'No'. Oh yeah, um, us either. 

This is how Wes fell asleep Thanksgiving night. No joke.
It was a GREAT Thanksgiving. The timing was perfect. I can't promise we won't travel again next year, but maybe we'll take a few people along with us.

Wes' class put on a Thanksgiving play.

Playing fuseball with cousins the day after Thanksgiving.

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