Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I distinctly remember in early February sitting next to Adam's mom at church. Our pastor was making this huge announcement that will change our church completely (merging with another) which will take place in 10 weeks -- which just happens to be 2 weeks before Easter. I'm sure most people were thinking about the merge (some were crying, some were cheerful, most were scared), but instead of feeling those things, I leaned over to Sherree and said "Ya know, Allie will be here for Easter." Sherree participated in the inappropriate, sidetracked conversation by talking about Allie's pretty Easter dress and shoes and hat. I had just gotten back from Ethiopia for the first trip and my mind's only thought for day in and day out was "Alemitu. Alemitu. Alemitu." And to be fair, I was aware of the big announcement before it was made to the church that day so I already had time to process the news of change. But I remember that moment in time vividly as I dreamed of having our family together at the next big holiday.

And now it is Easter and we have had Alemitu home for 7 weeks!!

Today the kids woke up to new baskets from the Easter Bunny. Right now Wes and Calvin are all about vampires, ghost, aliens, and "bad guys" (thanks to Scooby Doo). They keep asking us "are vampires in our world" or "are ghosts really real?" Unfortunately a few weeks ago when Calvin asked me if bad guys were real, I said no. I had to go back the next day and apologize for lying and tell him the truth and discuss how bad guys are in our world; however God, the police, and mommy and daddy won't let the bad guys get him. With all of this "are they real" talk, I knew that a very important question would be coming . . . is the Easter Bunny real? Adam and I came up with this answer "Well, you get baskets from the Easter Bunny don't you? I've never seen him but you get baskets from him." That seemed to work and they were happy. Whew.

After seeing what was in their baskets (slippers, coloring books, and new DVDs for boys; keys and cups for Allie) we headed off to a new church we have been attending. Until the kids' rooms are finished at the church (next week), kids have church with their parents. It was really nice to have church with our 2 boys next to us at our table and Allie asleep in my arms. Jim and Sherree also came to church with us this morning. All the way to/from church, the boys watched one of their new DVDs -- The Real Ghostbusters cartoon. Or as Wes calls it "Ghost Brothers". :-)

After church, we headed to the green park with the Fischers for a pulled pork barbeque lunch and an easter egg hunt. What fun! We were so exhausted from eating too much and playing too hard that by the time we got home we all took a 2 1/2 hour nap!

Today was a great day!

Check out Wes's crack in this pictures -- too cute!

Doesn't everybody water the spring flowers on Easter?

This pictures makes me sad. He looks so grown-up. :-(

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