Monday, April 11, 2011

Our new ride

Most days the boys and I ride our bikes to school. Sometimes we ride scooters. Sometimes we walk. Sometimes I drive. And now -- we can add a golf cart to the list. That's right. We just purchased a 1973 street legal golf cart for $300, and it runs great.

Golf carts are common in Arizona with the elderly. You can register them with the DMV and drive them on the roads (with speed limits less than 35 mph). Trying to drive down Bell Road in Surprise/Sun City area can just be downright frustrating as you are having to drive 20 mph behind an old golf cart driver out to get his groceries.

While I've wanted a golf cart since a very young age (and even started saving money for it with my best friend, Tara), Adam took an interest in them a few years ago. At that time we lived in a neighborhood where you pretty much had to own a custom built, lifted golf cart to reside there. We even saw a "stretched limo" style golf cart there. We were probably the only house that didn't have one, along with the only house that did our own yard work; the only house that didn't have a statue of lions out in the front; and the only house without his/her matching Hummers and Cadillac Escalades (okay I might have exaggerated a bit, but one of the houses did have a pair of his/her matching Hummers & matching Escalades!).

Adam didn't want a fancy golf cart, he just wanted a simple, electric golf cart that he could build with his kids and take on rides to my sister's house (1 mile away) going through neighborhoods to get there. So for the past few years he has been watching the prices on Craig's List and he just found one for a steal! It wasn't working because it needed a new $60 rechargeable battery (it has 6). But we had decided that even if that didn't cause it to start working, it was still a great buy for that cheap and Adam and the boys could work on it together. The good news is that we bought a new battery and that really was all it took to fix the golf cart.

So we are now proud owners of a golf cart and we could move back into our old neighborhood with our heads held high if we wanted . . . or maybe not! We could even join their annual Christmas parade where everyone drives their golf carts around the neighborhood with Santa following in the truck.

The boys love the golf cart and even drove it a little today (with daddy's help). One thing is for sure, Litchfield Park just got a little bit more dangerous. Watch out!


  1. Who says a golf cart is for golf courses only? That ride looks cool, especially if you could use it to take your kids to and from school. It would also make visiting nearby loved ones more convenient. You could also let your boys handle the wheel so they can feel how it is to drive a car. :)

  2. LOL @ Stelle's "Who says a golf cart is for golf courses only?" You're right. A golf cart is perfect for short rides. Going to your relatives nearby will be more convenient, and your kids look so happy with it. :)

    >Jolandi Kerstetter