Tuesday, April 19, 2011

She finally has a granddaughter!

This is the face that Adam's Grandma Jones has just been dying to meet. She has wanted a granddaughter for so long! Her kids all had boys and now her grandkids are all having boys too. Every time one of us gets pregnant, we get a pink dress. It never gets used. Grandma Jones even has a license plate that reads something along the lines of "Grandma's scorecard. Boys - 10. Girls - 0" So you can only imagine how excited she was to finally get to meet her great granddaughter, Alemitu. Here are some pictures from their first meeting:

Grandpa Jones was also taken with her:

Adam's Aunt Debbie also came to visit:

We had a great weekend visiting with them. My mom was also in town for a few days. We spent the weekend going to a t-ball game, having a cookout, going to the zoo, having a picnic at WestGate, and get stuck in the golf cart along Litchfield Road and having to be towed home.

Yep, we were towed home. It is a memory I never want to forget. We drove a few miles to the boys' t-ball practice. The golf cart didn't have a full charge when we started and we were wondering if we would make it back. Sure enough, along the golf cart path/sidewalk on Litchfield Road we came to a stop. We were able to push it a little and get it going again. All four of us hopped back on and got in place. We drove a few more feet and the golf cart dramatically slows again. I asked Adam if I need to get off and he says "yes". I am holding Allie in a carrier on me. After a few seconds, I realize that Adam wants me off the golf cart but he has no intention of stopping to let me off. So I put my foot on the ground a few times and then I hop out. A few more feet and the golf cart stops completely. The boys hop out and we call Jim to come tow us in Adam's truck. Adam gets back into the golf cart and it starts working with just him in it. Keep in mind that the golf cart path is on the side of a very busy road. Adam takes off in the golf cart -- the boys start wildly chasing after him -- and I'm walking in the back carrying a baby. It must have been quite a funny sight for anyone passing by wondering why this guy is making his kids, baby, and wife all run/walk behind him as he just drives along. I had tears coming down my face but it was from laughing so hard. I never, ever want to forget that image and I wish I had a camera! We did end up getting towed, but Adam was determined to try the trek again the next day for their t-ball game. We made it there and back without issue! Good times!

Even though I don't have pictures of our golf cart break down, I do have a couple from the zoo and a t-ball picture of the boys with their Coach Grandpa.

On the log ride

On the sky ride

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  1. The picture you painted of the 3 (4) of you running after Adam was just hysterical! Laughed out loud! My funny friends the Fischer's! Love you guys!