Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time Flies

On Monday night I was shocked when I was glancing at my e-mails and saw one from my friend Hollie that referenced how it had been a month since we picked up our children from the House of Hope. Wow. Has it really been a month already? "Time Flies" -- I haven't said that phrase too often during our past 1 1/2 year wait, but right now the time is just flying by.

Things are going really good at our house. Other than the first week of me being sick, jet lagged, and overwhelmed -- we are doing great! We have really been enjoying the beautiful weather with bike riding to/from school each day, dinners at parks, jumping on the trampoline, and watching the boys play t-ball. We are really enjoying being a family of five and it doesn't overwhelm us at all. Allie is a great baby and sleeps 12 hours a night and takes two great naps each day. No matter what time we put her down to sleep, she doesn't make a noise. My family came into town and she had to take a few naps in her stroller because we were out and about during nap time -- no problem for Allie.

Playing at the park with cousin Chloe during a t-ball game

I do not grieve for the first 8 months of her life that I missed. I do have so many more questions and I wish I could sit down with her grandfather again, but I don't feel like I've missed out. 9 months is a great age. She talks and smiles all of the time. She has also learned how to say "dada" and "mama". She is so close to crawling, and she loves to stand up. The bonding process has gone better than expected -- both ways. I really can't say anything negative about our transition from being a family of four to a family of five. We are really enjoying it. As for the boys, they still enjoy having Allie around and they have never complained about her at all.

My family just visited from Indiana for 8 days. Below are a few pictures from their trip:

Grandma & Grandpa Allen with Alemitu
They could not believe the improvements (especially regarding leg strength) that she has made since they first saw her in Washington D.C.

Calvin running to home plate
During soccer, Calvin really enjoyed himself but he wasn't aggressive. A smile was always on his face and that's all that mattered. With t-ball, Calvin tries to go after each ball. He had a really great catch when he was pitcher's helper. He is really into t-ball and it is great to watch him so passionate about a sport he plays. Wes really loves t-ball too.
Grandpa Fischer is their coach.

Cousin Chloe & Allie in matching rompers

Wes, Calvin, and Cousin Carter at the Sea Life Aquarium

Adam and Calvin on a roller coaster at Castles & Coasters

Calvin going down a slide at Rustler's Rooste Restaurant
(say that 3 times fast)

Alemitu & Cousin Sydney

Trampoline Static vs. Cousin Carter's hair Trampoline wins every time

Wes playing in the fountains at Westgate
Wes told us this week that he will have ZERO kids when he gets married because "big guys" (Wes' term for adults) can't have kids AFTER they get married. Hmm I think we need to explain a few things in the near future. Calvin said he will have 100 kids.

Tattoos Wes asked Adam how a tattoo on a "big guy" doesn't wash off. So Adam took the opportunity to explain exactly how a tattoo is done. Wes, Calvin, and Sydney have all said that will never get a tattoo.

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