Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sweet Pictures From Calvin

Tonight was just a perfect night. I was laying on the floor in the playroom reading a book. Allie was climbing all over and around me using me as a jungle gym. The boys were sitting at their table drawing pictures. Adam was working on the boys' ipods. I thought my night couldn't get any better, but I was wrong. Wes has asked if he could tape a picture up in my room. Sure thing buddy. He likes to tape pictures on the wall by my desk. However tonight was different. After we put the kids to bed, I went back into my bedroom to see a heart that Wes had drawn and colored. He had taped it on the wall, centered over the headboard of our bed. What a sweet, sweet boy.

This reminded me of another post I've been meaning to do for over a month now but I keep forgetting to go downstairs and scan in the pictures. I finally did it tonight. Calvin drew me 2 pictures that I will cherish forever.

This first picture was drawn after my birthday. We went to the green park and had dinner. He told me that he drew the picture of us at the park so he will never, ever forget what a special day we had.

The second picture is actually a note that was written a month ago. I had to put the boys in time-out for not listening. After they come out of time-out, we always talk about what they did wrong, and then all is happy again and they go play some more. A few minutes after they started to play again, Calvin brings me back a note that he wrote me. Calvin isn't good at making spaces between letters, and he actually started writing at the very bottom of the page and worked his way up. However the note said "I love you and I never stop loving you." This was his way of saying sorry. He probably mentions this note at least once a week and asks if I still have it.

The boys are at such a great, cute age. I know I say that no matter how old they are, but they just make me smile every day. I am so excited to have them home from school this summer (even though they are already sad about school ending). This past week, they are playing with Allie nonstop. Carrying her around places is the most fun. They love to make her smile and laugh. I am so happy that she has been home almost 3 months, and that the boys have welcomed her with open arms and without any jealousy issues. I think it is easier for twins to accept new siblings. Whatever the reason, it has made this transition so much fun!

Now it is time to go to sleep underneath the heart taped on my wall.

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