Monday, February 21, 2011

Thanks and Prayer

First of all, I want to say I am so thankful that Calvin is doing better. He was really, really sick this past week with Type A flu. He was so sick (and contagious) that my family had to cancel their vacation to come see us - hours before they were supposed to leave! (rescheduled it for end of March) Calvin had a fever between 101-104 consistently for 6 days. It was awful! I am so thankful that he is doing better and we spent 4 hours outside today. We were all getting a little stir crazy (Adam is in Florida), and so the boys and I went on a bike ride, picnic, played at a park, and then played outside with the neighborhood kids. It was nice. Calvin is doing so much better!

While I am so thankful for Calvin's healing, I would also like to ask that when you read this post or think of us tonight and tomorrow (Tuesday), please say a quick prayer for us. We have heard all sorts of misinformation about the embassy rules and our file. We did confirm today that our file was submitted to the embassy on Thursday. Whew. We were previously told last week that all 6 of us remaining families had their file submitted, and that is not the case. We were split into groups and our file made the group that was submitted last Thursday. So we are very grateful that our file is there.

It is very, very highly probable that the US Embassy will come back with a decision tomorrow. They will either approve our file, ask for more documentation, or request another interview with Allie's grandfather. We are seeing the interview request on 50% of cases submitted and according to the embassy, it won't be long before it is 100%. This will delay our file another week. We are supposed to leave on Friday and if our file is delayed, we will most likely have to reschedule our trip. So I ask that you say a prayer when you think of us tonight and tomorrow that the embassy will give us approval. We have had several hiccups along the way, and it would be so great just to have this part go smoothly. We want to travel on Friday for so many reasons, but also because the room that we want is not available the following week. Also our good friends Hollie & Brian received approval last week and they are leaving on Friday as well. We were excited to travel with them again.

The embassy will open at 10 p.m. Arizona time (midnight Indiana time) tonight. Please pray that our file is given approval and that we hear from our agency tomorrow. If we are not given approval, please pray that we will make the right decision on either keeping our trip and taking the risk of extending it a little or rescheduling our trip for the following week.

Thank you! Now quit reading and start praying!

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