Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jesus vs. Vampires

In the car the other night, I heard Calvin talk about Bampires (aka vampires). Wes asked what a bampire was, and Cal said that Bampires are on the Batman and Joker movie. "Ya know, they have sharp teeth and they chomp people's necks and slurp their blood. Then the people die and become bampires." Okay, so I guess Cal has learned was a vampire is. His grandpa Fischer must be so proud. For a few minutes, they were playing with their toys and pretending they were vampires.

However, Wes had a different story. He was talking about how the sun was "shotting" through the windows. It "shotted" the bed and "shotted" the guy. But then, Jesus came down in a hurry just in time to save the guy before he dried up. To Wes, Jesus is this amazing super hero action figure that wears a cape. It is so cute to hear his Jesus stories.

The boys have a great imagination. They have recently been asking where bampires, dragons, tigers, and Batman live. We just say things like "in a cave far away". We don't want to crush their world and tell them that these things are pretend. On the other hand, we don't want to scare them either. Today, Wes asked why bampires slurp blood. I just said I didn't know. He then asked where they lived and if they do that to real people. I said that they live super far away. Wes then asked if they lived in "our world". I said no. Calvin then interjected and said that they live on a different planet like Batman and Spiderman -- not on our planet. Okay, I'll go with that. :-)

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