Monday, January 21, 2013

Calvin's First Girlfriend (I think)

One of the main reasons I write this blog is so that when I am doing the kids' photobooks for each year, I can look back at this blog and remember the little moments. I need to document this one.

Calvin talks a lot about a girl named Julia at school. They are the only two in the class that go to a reading program, and they have become good friends. I know that for most of the school year, Julia has been the one person he has played with on the playground at recess. As a worry wart, sometimes I worry that maybe the other boys don't want him to play with them. Calvin is extremely well liked at school (so I'm told), and I believe it. He is incredibly caring, generous, and is extremely, extremely laid back. He gets along with everyone. So I know it was silly of me to worry that none of the boys wanted to play with him, but it was still on my list of worries.

Today Calvin and I spent some quality time together. Wes is really sick with the flu (sicker than I've ever seen him), and he didn't get up from the couch all day. Calvin didn't know what to do with himself. I offered to play with him, but he just wanted his brother. Calvin told me that he used to like to play alone sometimes, but now he knows he was wrong -- he never wants to play alone again. Ha! I explained that normal kids have to do that every day -- they don't have a twin that lives with them. He couldn't believe it.

Anyway, while we were hanging out I told him that he was invited to a birthday party for a girl in his class. He said that he wasn't friends with this girl, but she was nice. He then specified that his best friend was Julia. I asked if he had other friends at school. He said he did, and listed a few, but he said that he liked to play with Julia the most and they play together every day. He then told me that one time Julia wanted to play freeze tag and he didn't want to. She thought he was mad at her, and so later in the day at library she asked if they could still be friends even though he didn't play freeze tag with her. He said "yes".

That conversation made me feel so much better knowing that he chooses to play with Julia, and not the boys. And it also made me smile because I think he may have his first girlfriend, and they almost had a break up over freeze tag. I encouraged him to keep playing with Julia because she seems like a nice girl.

Calvin is such a cool kid. He is just so easy going, and he has no problem doing what he wants and not what is expected. Recently, I got an e-mail from his former teacher for kindergarten and first grade, and she wrote:

Your family makes me smile. I hope I can have boys who are so well behaved and have their own personalities that they aren't afraid to share with others, like yours. I think that's what I always liked best about Calvin. He was his own person no matter what. Peer pressure meant nothing to him. I hope he stays that way.

 Me too, Mrs. V. Me too.

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