Monday, January 18, 2010

I did it!

I'm running in the pink shirt

Adam trying to carry both boys at the same time

Adam and Jim walking to the next spectator spot.

The start line


I have always dreamed of being this great runner. I guess I equate being a good runner to being in great shape. My parents have run the half marathon in Indiana for as long as I can remember, and Christina started running it a few years ago. I have always thought "I'm going to do that one day." The past few years, I have said I would do it. I start training, and then something happens, and I quit shortly into the training. In July, I announced I would be running the 2010 half marathon. I started training six months early. I was able to run up to 2 miles without stopping, and it just got so hard. So in August, I quit again.

However, in September, Sherree forwarded me an e-mail from one of the girls at church inviting anyone to join a support group for the half marathon training. This girl, Jeni Barbush, also works with my sister. So I joined the group and began to train again.

My initial goal was to run the entire race under 2 hours and 45 minutes. I soon learned that I am an obese woman who is not at all a "runner". Running is so hard! So I announced that I was still going to do the half marathon, but I would run/walk the thing instead. This is a perfectly logical switch. However, Adam told me that he completely understands why I would switch to a run/walk rather than a run --- BUT, that needs to be the last thing I change. I quit at "small" things so easily when they get hard. I was starting to do it again.

He was right. I do always quit at the "small" stuff that requires sacrifice. So I became determined. This was no longer about running it in a certain time -- it was about showing Adam that I won't quit. I trained and trained, and cried and cried. This has been so hard for me. I get so much anxiety throughout the week knowing that on every Sunday, I'm going to have to do my "long run" consisting of 7, 8, or 9 miles, etc.

However, in early January, I realized something else. I wasn't doing it to show Adam I wouldn't quit -- I was doing it to show myself I wouldn't quit. I was so nervous and cried a lot before race day. But on January 17th, I showed up and I finished the PF Chang Half Marathon. My time was a slow 3 hours and 16 minutes -- but I finished. I ran most of the first 4 miles, and miserably walked most of the last 9 miles -- but I finished -- and I crossed the finish line running.

Throughout the race, I had friends & family sending e-mails and messages of support to me. My sisters and mom sent me text messages throughout the race as they tracked my progress. Adam, the boys, Sherree & Jim, showed up an hour before the race started and supported me throughout the entire race. Thank you all! I also have Jeni Barbush to thank. If she hadn't set up that support/accountability group -- I would have never finished.

On the way home from the race, Adam told me that he couldn't wait until next year because he felt like he could get to a few more spectator spots now that he knew how things worked. I gave him a nasty look and said, "Who do you plan on watching next year?" Not me!!!

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  1. You are amazing! Tell Adam you will cheer for him next year, you will be busy holding your daughter. :)