Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Winter/Spring 2014

We had an unseasonable warm winter, and then a longer spring this year. It was perfect! We got to play outside a lot. Here are some photos from our winter fun:

Alemitu loves animals. Poor Scooby would stay outside just to get a break from her. Then Alemitu would stare out the window sadly, until I let her go outside to play with Scooby some more.

The boys love playing in the back of the truck.
Busy Schedule = Kids That Fall Asleep In The Car

We always go to a Spring Training game with Grandpa Allen.

Grandpa Allen bought Alemitu a soccer goal (She calls it a "gold")
Lots of Four Square when my parents come to town.
Lots and lots of trash talk

Sabrina, well, the "family" got a new puppy!!! Meet Donny.
It took a little while, but Scooby and Donny are the best of friends.

Easter Sunday
She won't stop squeezing Donny. Ever. Not ever.
Alemitu's school recommended she go to the eye doctor. She is far sighted, but a lot of kids grow out of it, so we opted to hold off on getting glasses.
Wes at his school's fun run to raise money. The boys love doing this.

The boys started playing basketball again. I can't find Wes' picture right now, but this is Calvin's.

Wes trying to get a rebound.
Alemitu loves preschool.

The teachers kept talking about how surprised they were that she would get right in there and play hard with the boys in class . . . even though she is smaller than everyone else. That's what happens when you have older brothers.

We visit one of my very best friends on Wednesdays - Ms. Charlene. I used to do her hair each week since 2007, but now we just go to visit. Alemitu calls her grandma.
Alemitu got a big girl bed.
Adam came home from a wedding and brought me a flower. Alemitu was upset that daddy didn't bring her a flower. Somehow, my daughter ended up with the flower.
Valentine's Day hair.
Straight hair
Scootering in style
Alemitu started playing soccer. She LOVED it. Sometimes, we had to get on to her a bit about trash talking.
The boys playing tetherball in the rain. Alemitu sad because she can't join in right now. She wants to do everything her brothers do.
Riding her balance bike
The boys each scored a few goals this season.
Wes was sick, so Dr. Alemitu came to the rescue.
The boys had to dress up for an Ellis Island project at school.

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