Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Teacher Says . . .

Alemitu started another year of preschool. She LOVES it. I can't stress that enough. On days that she doesn't go to preschool, she normally will throw a fit. If you show up early, and the preschool door is closed, you will definitely have no trouble hearing Alemitu sing, answer questions, play, etc. over the other students. She doesn't ever stop talking. Ever. Not ever. Not for one minute. Not ever. Her teacher said that she is the friendliest student they have ever had. That's our Alemitu.

Her first day of school picture
Alemitu likes to tell everyone about her preschool. She will normally start out by yelling, "My school . . . . on a mountain!" Her school is across the street from our neighborhood, and it is the school that most of the kids in our area go to. 

Alemitu is all about saying, "My teacher said . . . ." when it comes to just about anything. For instance, "My teacher said I don't have to take a nap." Um, no. We are trying to stop those little lies. On the other hand, she says things like, "My teacher says you don't take things away from people!" This came after Adam took away her toy because she was in trouble. Or she'll say, "My teacher says you don't cut hair with scissors!!" when I try to give the boys, or Alemitu, a haircut. Normally she has one hand on her hip and the other is pointing a finger at us when she makes these "My teacher said" statements. I'm beginning to hate those preschool rules. 
One of her teachers, Mrs. Cavanough. She came to meet Alemitu at our house before school started.
A few weeks ago, one of her teachers pulled me aside and told me a cute story. They were reading a book about a ghost that would change colors depending on what he ate. He would change to the color of the food. When he ate a strawberry and changed to a pink color, Alemitu shouted, "Hey! I ate strawberries and I'm black!" The teachers thought that was so cute that they put it in the school newspaper.

I am so happy that she loves her preschool so much. On the first day, she just ran right in and waved bye to Adam and I. She had no issues, no nerves . . . she was ready. That's Alemitu -- always ready for whatever comes her way.
Her teachers take pictures of the class each week and post the pictures for parents to download.

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