Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Fun

As always, we had a blast this summer. I went from working nonstop in the spring to becoming super lazy this summer. I slept in every day. We hung out in our pajamas most days. It was awesome. I was so depressed for school to start again.

Below are some pictures from the summer (minus the vacation pictures previously posted):

The boys went to a lego camp for a week. They loved it!

They are always playing with stuffed animals.

We had lots of play dates with friends this summer. We went to Makutu's Island (huge indoor slide area) with friends several times as well. Even though we moved away, we have stayed in close touch with our friends.

Swimming, swimming, swimming. We were at the pool a lot this summer. The first few times, Alemitu was in the baby pool. After that, she refused. She wanted to swim in the "big girl pool". While she has to be closely supervised, she can dive down for sticks in 3-4 feet of water (with a little push) and swim back up to you.

Raining in Phoenix is a HUGE deal. Wes and Alemitu were quick to run outside and play in it. Calvin wanted to finish his lego project first (of course).

When Calvin joined them, the boys thought it was freezing outside (July in Phoenix), so they put on their winter jackets.

Wiped out from another playdate. She always has that little Mickey close by.

Our 13 year old basset hound, Clementine, passed away. It was really hard. And now we are left with this big, dumb puppy who is trying her millionth time to fit through the cat door in this picture. She'll give up and just rest her head inside the room.

Every single night that we were home, the boys slept on the couch. Seriously, every single night. They love the couch. The night before school started we had to introduce them to these big pieces of furniture in their room called 'beds'.

Trying to get a nice photo of these crazies.

Alemitu wanted to start carrying a purse like mommy.

Helping daddy debadge mommy's truck

Neighborhood fireworks. We laid out on the golf course and watched them overhead. This was the longest fireworks show I have ever seen.

Of course, we went to see a lot of movies.

Adam took them to a dinosaur museum before school started.

Mommy's new monster truck. It was so hard to leave the Jeep family. So hard. But this has a lot more space with better air conditioning, and we were offered almost as much money for my Jeep as we paid for it from the dealer. We always were getting people wanting to buy it, but I think our mouths hit the floor when we realized they were serious and would pay well over blue book value. I have to admit, I do love this truck. (Sshh ... don't tell my Jeeps)

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