Friday, November 19, 2010

Love from Ethiopia!

Another adopting couple went to Ethiopia on November 9th to see their son and appear in court. They were so gracious to offer to take pictures and video of Allie. I wasn't expecting to see anything until after Thanksgiving, and so I was shocked when I got a CD of pictures, video, and a letter in the mail today. Before I even opened the envelope, my eyes just welled up with tears.

We got 11 new pictures, and 2 videos!!! We had also sent (with the adopting couple) a new outfit for Allie and a little blanket that Grandma Sherree picked up for us. The above picture shows her holding onto the blanket. The outfit, size 3-6 months, is still a little big. Allie just turned 5 months last week.

Allie continues to look so healthy. She has big, beautiful brown eyes. Everyone always talks about her big eyes. In our first pictures she didn't have any hair. It is customary for the orphanage to shave their heads, but our agency's House of Hope lets the hair grow. In these pictures, she has quite a bit of tight, curly hair. It is great to be able to see how she has changed!!

Anyway, I will leave you with the letter we received:

Your kiddo is super cute! She seems to be doing great from all I can tell. In fact, she is in the same room as our son, just one crib between them. She loved the blanket and outfit. They will keep the blanket with her, and I think she will have to grow into the outfit. :) We loved the caretaker in that room. She smiles often with her caretaker. Her nurse is doing a great job at caring for her, so be assured that she is in great hands while you are waiting! It was a privilege to take photos and video for you. I apologize for any quality issues. The light was low and we have a new camera. But I think we got some super cute pictures in here! May God Bless you on your journey!

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