Monday, April 26, 2010

Jenna Ate A Baby!!

So if you haven't heard yet -- my sister Jenna is pregnant with her first child!!!! We are so happy for her and Zach! However, Wes is a little confused about the entire situation.

In the car the other night, I turned around and said, "Hey boys, guess what? Jenna and Zach are going to have a little baby soon!" No response from Calvin. Wes said, "Hey mom, we are by the old house!" Okay, I guess they didn't care too much.

So I tried again after we passed the old house. I said, "Boys, I'm being serious. Jenna and Zach are going to have a baby!" Nothing. So I thought I'd take a little leap and said, "The baby is really tiny, and it is growing in Jenna's belly right now." Wes and Cal have never noticed a pregnant woman, so I figured this might come as a shock. Wes said, "How did Jenna eat a baby?" I explained that she didn't eat a baby, but that God put the baby in her belly. He scoffed at me and laughed. Obviously I must be joking. So I said, "There really is a baby in Jenna's belly!" Another laugh.

Finally, I tried this angle -- I told him that he was in my belly a long time ago. Another laugh, and then laughing hard he said, "I wasn't in your belly! I was in daddy's belly!" Adam said, "No, you weren't in my belly!" Wes said, "Yes I was -- I was eating toys in there!" So now I've realized that there is no way that Wes believes me that a baby can be in a belly, and he thinks I am teasing him. However, he did follow it up and say, "Hey mom, I don't remember being in your belly." I promised to show him pictures (like the one above). We'll see how that goes.

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