Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013

Hilton Head Island, SC

This summer, we took an 11 day vacation to Tennessee and Hilton Head Island. We went to visit some good friends in Tennessee, and Sabrina's family was getting together for a week in Hilton Head Island. We flew into Atlanta, Georgia; drove to Chattanooga, Tennessee; and then drove to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We had a wonderful time even though all of us (except for Adam) got sick at one time or another. After our crazy spring (see Martha Stewart Doesn't Live Here ), this vacation was MUCH needed. Below are some pictures from the trip:

At the airport

Waiting on the luggage in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sabrina's childhood neighbor and best friend since the 4th grade. She came to spend some time with us while we were in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is never long enough.
Alemitu became best friends with Tara too.

Our kids and Tara's kids. They played so well together. Tara's kids are amazing.
Enjoying the duck tour in Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Roy Family. We love this family. We went to Ethiopia twice together and became fast friends. We make it a point to get together, even though we live halfway across the country from each other. We hope to go on a cruise in 2014 with the Roy Family.
Alemitu's 'not impressed' face while she waits for Ty to get to the aquarium.
Adam and Brian took the bigs white water rafting, and Hollie and I took the littles to the aquarium.
They came back with lots of funny stories. The water was about 50 degrees.
Alemitu and Tamarat. I love that this little boy calls her by her full name, "Alemitu". That is how he knows her. They were in the same orphanage together.
Birthday kiss from Ty.

Alemitu's classic "snot face". When she isn't happy, she'll show you.

Alemitu eating her birthday cupcake with the Roy family.

Silly Faces!!
Typical Allen family photo. Mom and Dad - smiling and acting appropriately. Christina - too cool. Sabrina - angry, middle child. Jenna - show off.
Sand Castle and Alligator creating
We always bike ride at Hilton Head. The boys are getting too big for these bikes, and they were leaning so far over.

Dolphin Cruise. It was so very hot that day. It was the only bad weather day while we were there.
Sabrina's Family. (Technically extended family.) What a wonderful week we had.
Adam and Calvin built this sand castle. Then cousin Levi came by to inspect (crawl around on) it.

Need I say more? Lots of attitude. Lots of love.
Birthday party for all the grandkids in Hilton Head.
Sick Calvin. Except for Adam, we all had fevers and a little sickness while we were there. We even had to stop at an urgent care for Wes. He had a throat infection, high fever, and needed antibiotics.

Best buds
Another snot face.
Way out in the ocean
Best friends

These little girls weren't scared of going deep in the ocean.

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