Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Mom, Dad I bit the couch!"

A few months ago, Wes came running into my room and yelled "Mom! Dad! I bit the couch and my tooth came out!" What??? He repeated it, "My tooth was loose, so Calvin told me to bite the couch and I did. It came out!" Again, what?? Wes took me over to the spot where he had just bit the couch.

I finally got the full story. Last year, Calvin was playing and for whatever reason he said he wanted to bite the couch. So he did. After he bit the couch, he realized his tooth had fallen out and it hadn't hurt. Fast forward a year --- when Wes told Calvin about his loose tooth, Calvin gave him great advice "Bite the couch. It doesn't hurt!" Wes followed, and wham, tooth out.

A few weeks later, Wes had another loose tooth. He tried biting the couch again, but it didn't work this time. Later in the afternoon, he was playing outside and ate a Starburst. Out came his tooth. So now they have a new theory. "If your tooth is loose, chew a Starburst until you feel something funny in your mouth."

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