Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter this year. It just so happened that I turned 32 on Easter, so we had a birthday/Easter weekend. I was able to celebrate my birthday while my parents were in town. Mom and the boys decorated my house with "Happy Birthday" signs while I was at work. Then Sunday, both sets of grandparents came to see the kids for a little bit.

Wes helping Alemitu hunt for eggs. She caught on very quickly.

After that, I went to my sister's house (who had just given birth to my nephew!!) for an impromptu visit (picking up a carving knife that she bought and I borrow probably more times than they've used it themselves) and was able to spend about 45 minutes of sister time with her. My family was at home napping, and when I got home I told Adam that it was such a highlight of my day to have some quality time with her. It put a big smile on my face.

For the afternoon/evening, we went to our good friends' house and had dinner and a big Easter egg hunt. Adam ended up throwing me in their pool at the end of the evening. Even with that, we had such a nice, relaxing time laughing the night away. At the end of the night, the adults were all sitting around a table outside and the kids were running around the backyard. I looked around the table, as we were all telling stories and laughing with (at) each other, and I just felt so blessed. I feel like I use the word "blessed" a lot, but I can't think of another way to describe it. I am one happy, blessed, 32 year old.

Captain America joined us for birthday lunch.

Coloring Easter eggs

Wes spinning Adam for a 'pin the nose on the lion' birthday game.

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