Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alemitu's Hair

After 9 months, I have started to feel like I finally understand how to take care of Alemitu's hair. This week I decided to do something a little more advanced. My goal was to complete the style within 3 hours. NOT including any breaks, it took me over 5 1/2 hours. Including breaks and two trips to the beauty store for more hair extensions, it took 9 hours.

Alemi did great. She has learned to just lay on the floor and rest her head on my legs -- all while watching Care Bears. Today I saw Care Bears over and over and over again. Allie even fell asleep at one point. While I am so sore to the point I want to cry, two good things came out of this. Allie got a great style, and I learned that she is ready to fly on an airplane again. If she can sit all day and get her hair done, I think she is finally old enough to sit still on a plane.

Step 1: Remove last week's style and brush out her hair.

Step 2: Shampoo her hair, and comb it out again. After shampooing, put it in loose braids so it doesn't tangle up overnight.

Step 3: Set up hair braiding station. Fully equipped with 3 types of hair extensions; 4 different products; beads; clips; scissors; combs; bands -- and Care Bears.

Step 4: Start the clock and start the braiding.

Step 5: Take lots of Advil and hope that this style lasts at least 10 days.


  1. Her hair looks FABULOUS! What a great job! And what a trooper she that sweet smile!

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