Sunday, February 14, 2010

Conversations with Wes

On the way home from dinner, the boys decided that one would ride in Adam’s truck, and one would ride in my truck. Here were some funny observations from Wes:

  1. Daddy’s truck is 2 days old and is already the “old” truck. Since I bought my truck today, it is now the “new” truck. Poor daddy.
  2. Daddy’s truck is Wes’ favorite because it has a DVD player, but my truck is more fun. He just kept saying how much fun it is.
  3. Ever since Adam got his truck, and now mine, all Wes can ask about is how fast they go. Just last night, Wes told daddy that a car was beating him when it left the stoplight faster than us. Wes was stressed about the situation, assuming Adam should speed up and beat the car. I couldn’t believe my 4 year old noticed this. Unfortunately, Adam said that Wes has been talking about this recently, so we started assuring him that it is okay if a car drives faster than us. (He has definitely been riding with Adam too long.) So then Wes wanted to know if the police get you when you drive too fast. Yep. Then he wanted to know if you are a bad boy if the police get you. We explained that you are doing something bad when the police get you, but you aren’t a bad boy. He then (referring to the car that had just past us at the stop light) said, “The police are going to get that guy and throw him in jail!” What? Where did he learn that? Although, I can’t really be disappointed if my son thinks you go to jail for speeding. :-)
  4. On the way home tonight, Wes was counting. He always counts. All day, all night — always counting. He was counting up to and back down from 1-15. We were counting how many cars were in between Adam and I. He was also figuring out the 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. I just had to tell him a couple, and he picked up the rest. He then started quizzing me like “what is a 7 and a 1”. “seventy one”. I was proud when I could even answer what a “7 then a 1 then a 2 then a 3 then a 4 then a 5 then a 6 then a 7 then a 8 then a 9 was”. He stumped me at “what is a 7 and a an S”. Hmm.
  5. We were driving down Camelback, and he said, “Hey mom, is this Camel road?” I was impressed. Then he asked “Camel Road goes to the free way this way and if you turn around, you go to grandma and grandpa’s house.” Impressed again. Then he asked why they named it “camelback road”. I explained about the mountain. So then he started asking where “buzz road” is and where “woody road” is. I was instructed (by Wes) to respond “it is next to something”. After he got bored with that response, he instructed me to say “It is by another road.” I had explained that there was no buzz or woody roads, but obviously that was not the answer he was looking for. We made a turn and then he asked what road we were on. I said, “99th avenue.” He said, “99th avenue? That’s impossible!” I said, “No, I’m serious. This road is called 99th avenue.” He laughed again and said, “That’s impossible mama”.
  6. For Valentine's day, my grandma and grandpa Allen always send everyone $10. The boys opened their cards and started yelling that they had received some dollars. We explained that it was a $10 bill. Within 30 seconds, they had plans to go to the Disney Store and buy a new Buzz (one with legs) and another Woody. These were $10 toys, and so that was perfect. The next morning, we are getting ready to leave, and I said, "Don't forget to take your money." Wes said, "I can't believe it!" I asked, "What can't you believe?" Cal then said, "I didn't know that KIDS could get TEN dollars!"
  7. And the best yet — Wes asked me tonight, “Hey mama, you know why you don’t have a dvd player in your car?” “why” “Because the guy didn’t have any kids.” I said, “That’s really smart Wes, that’s probably why.” (talking about the guy we bought it from) He then asked, “Why doesn’t he have any kids?” I said, “Well, they just don’t have any yet.” I should have left out the word “yet”. And then he asked, “Where does he get his kids?” “Um, I don’t know.” Then he asked, “Where do you get kids?” I changed the subject because I have no idea how to explain that considering he has never even noticed a pregnant woman, I won’t be pregnant, and he is getting is baby sister from the airport (according to him).Suggestions are welcome on this subject!

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